Multiple background images css3 browser support

These are layered on each other with the main foundation you give to finish everything and the last foundation recorded in the back. You may also use other rules to set a position, repeating mode, and other attributes to each of the imagesjust write them also using a comma-separated list for the corresponding rule. For example, you can use the background-position rule to shift your images.

Browser Support for Multiple Background Images.

Multiple background images css3 browser support — photo 1
All the recent versions of Webkit, Firefox and Opera support it. After initially testing in chrome, I found it only works if I remove the code for other browser support.

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Multiple background images css3 browser support
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Browser support for multiple backgrounds is relatively widespread with all of the main browsers offering support, without the need for vendor prefixes.

Demo for Mutliple Background Images. To define multiple backgrounds you should use the background-image rule by enumerating your images comma-separated. Also this will show that we can add animations to the background images. Png repeat-x bottom, urlmultiple-background-image.