Material design color palette

Material-UI provides all colors from the Material Design guidelines. Theyve been designed to work harmoniously with each other. Material design is a Google developed visual design pattern created for a great designing of a user interface. As Google's Material Design is utilized on many websites and apps, inevitably.

Colors are taken from Google's Material Design Guidelines.

Material design color palette
The ultimate solution to the problem is the use of best Material Design Color Palette Generating Tools. Moreover, choosing the right color palette that matches with your requirement is a tough job because of its combinations available in indefinite number.

Google's Material Design makes it easier for developing and design.

Material design color palette — photo 2
They offer a variety of courses on illustration techniques, including Pen and Ink Illustration and Food Illustration. This material design color tool allows you to quickly and easily create or import a set of colors to create your own, perfect theme from completely customizable palettes. It is very convenient in terms of its learnability and usability as well.