Mysql cms database design

If you found something else or see any inaccuracies, let us know and we'll fix it. Once upon a time I worked on a project where I wrote a web-based user interface that would let everyday users maintain their own Nagios configuration data. MySQL Workbench also enables you to reverse engineer an existing database or packaged application to get better insight into its database design.

The pictures can be used in both personal and commercial projects.

Starting off with the concepts of data and information, it is also a good read for those new to databases. I'm trying to make a CMS similar to a technical blog and stuck at database design. Try the MySQL database design tool and experience convenience, speed and design at its best.

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Mysql cms database design
But lets try to be a little more flexible and imagine how different storage engines can be used. I'm beginning web development and started using PHP and MySQL. What you will get is an image that looks like a checker board - that's how Photoshop displays transparency. Not only can MySQL Workbench forward and reverse engineer existing databases, but it can also import SQL scripts to build models and export models to DDL scripts that can be run at a later time.