Pictures help you remember

Learn to think in Spanish, instead of translating from English, by pairing Spanish words directly with the image they represent. For example, remember an important date, such as when a battle began, by imagining the battle in your head with the date in big letters. But you dont take the world in as wordsinstead, its a series of images.

We start off with the days of Edward III.

Pictures help you remember
Ive actually talked about this in a previous post, but its good to see it in a different way. Ask yourself questions about the material. Lawn Mower Clip Art Free Vector Clipart Panda - Free Clipart Images. For example, create rhymes or songs to help you remember important information.

Hopefully, theyll help you, too.

Pictures help you remember — photo 1
Coloriage masque image masque coloriage masque animaux. The same technique works for any vocabulary words, including Spanish furniture names. That was fine for taking low-res video, pictures help you remember, but the photos weren't great.
Pictures help you remember
You could also try drawing out the battle scene and writing the date of when it began and ended underneath it. I have viewed these pictures four or five times, each time with more pleasure than the last. I think they are terribly good wish I could draw so I put them here for your interest and enjoyment. Turquoise bedroom decoration turquoise bedroom walls color wall light room schemes decorating turquoise wall pictures.